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Our market position is quite good, because we primarily deal with the trade in specific goods and services, where knowledge and experience of employees working for the company become most prominent.

The opportunities for growth in business are being improved by widering the product range through new programs and cooperation with foreign partners.

Discover our story

Founded as joint venture project in the ownership of the Government of Montenegro and the company from Serbia.

Our main goals were the management of factories and development of industry, which was important support in the restructuring of the economy.

From 01.01.2007. we passed into 100% ownership of Government of Montenegro, up until April 2015. That is when the process of privatization of the company began.

Today, we are private company with 50% of management rights held by the executive managers.

We have become experts through many years of experience, monitoring the regulations governing the field of foreign and domestic trade.

Why choose our company?

Brilliant team

Our employees are highly educated professionals, who have many licenses and training certifications.

Unique solutions

We are working in the field of problem solving and solution finding for our foreign partners.

Wide experience

We have become experts through many years of experience in the field of foreign trade.

Competitive prices

We know the market very well and we are able to always get the best possible prices for you.

Easy communication

We speak English language fluently and we are able to provide all the necessary information for you.

Laws and regulations

Compliance with law and living according to ethical standards and values are of importance to us!

“The key to our successful business is an exceptional commitment to our customers and meeting their needs.”


We are able to provide a wide range of services in the shortest term possible and under favorable terms to our partners.

Our main target markets are USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Kenya, Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines, United Arab Emirates and many others…

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Principles of our work



Integrity defines how we behave, wherever we are. It guides us to do the right thing for the long-term success of our company.



Adhering to the laws and ethical rules in all activities and relations. Behaving in an honest and open way and keeping the promises



To delivery the products and services to our clients on time, and to respect standards, quality and costs as scheduled. 



To follow up with the changes and the developments in the markets we work at, in the lights of continuous learning.


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